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MLK Long Beach | 5k MLK

Since the pandemic has started in early March, The MLK Center has been a pillar for aid in the community. Providing fresh produce, hot food, breakfast essentials & gloves & masks to ensure safety. The MLK is a nonprofit organization that has been servicing the Long Beach community for decades, mainly towards our youth! The youth needs us now more than ever with no camps & restrictions for the upcoming summer! The MLK is looking to raise funds to continue ongoing activities, programs for our youth & seniors, and general support for the community!

This isn’t like your regular 5K, it’s not a competitive race, think of it more a team effort to help support each other! The weather is much nicer & we've all been confined in our homes! This could be a great time to take a nice walk on the boardwalk/beach or anywhere with the family, start that fitness journey you’ve been wanting to do or simply just taking a nice mental break outdoors. In the end it’s for a good cause & benefits us all!

  • Walk/jog/run 5k = 3.1miles
  • Track your distance with any mobile running app (Nike run, Adidas running app, running distance tracker etc)
  • Screenshot or take a picture your progress upon completion of 5k (3.1)
  • Post to social media and tag @LB_MLK_Center on Instagram or @ Long Beach Martin Luther King Center on Facebook with the hashtag #MilesForLBMLK